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Sales & Business Development
Los Angeles, CA, USA · Orange County, VA, USA
Posted on Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Why this role matters

After onboarding our first 50 customers including Netflix, Stripe, Workday, Nvidia, SpaceX, Palo Alto Networks, and more, Compa needs to increase brand awareness, accelerate sales, and build our category of offer management.

Sales efforts made by Compa’s founder, sales leader, and lone enterprise sales executive have led to its current success. But as we grow our business 5x, we need help identifying our best prospects, connecting with those prospects, and preparing them to win during the era of pay transparency.

The customers we serve in the next year will be among the most impactful in Compa’s history.

The new enterprise seller provides the activity and skills to sign them.

How you succeed

Find creative ways to reach customers

We’ve closed millions of dollars across the best companies in tech through a mix of cold emailing, referrals from Charlie’s (CEO) network, event meetups, informal partnerships, and collaboration with our marketing team.

Every customer meeting contributes to our learning and growth. The faster you figure out how to add more (and perhaps better) meetings, the faster you leave a mark on this company.

You have loads of templates, sequences, product videos, contacts, and tools to aid your efforts. Master using them while bringing your own prospecting ingenuity to improve your results.

At this stage, creativity and action prove most valuable. Push your limits in each and you see tremendous success.

Become an expert problem solver for enterprise compensation and recruiting leaders

Nothing gives you more confidence as a salesperson than a rich, diverse pipeline.

But nothing makes you more valuable as a salesperson than clear, tested abilities to solve customer problems.

You know the Compa product and its use cases better than anyone. Better still, you know customer applicant tracking systems, the offer and candidate data trapped within, and what prospects want out of each, better than they do.

Meet them at their level with empathy and guidance then show clear, specific ways to jump to a new one. They line up to buy from you, grow alongside you, and refer their friends and colleagues to you.

Contribute to Compa’s product, culture, and value

As one of the most customer-facing people in the company, you hear, see, and experience things vital to our success.

You communicate your learnings asynchronously and across various digital channels. Always indexing on value and brevity, you do so in a way that makes the team feel grateful and perform better.

When you encounter problems, you take action to solve them, ask for help when necessary, and promptly prepare for the next.

When you make mistakes, you take ownership, adjust your approach, and inspire others through your gumption and perseverance.

When you feel curious, you seek answers, find them quickly, and record your findings in a way that helps others.

As with most early-stage ventures, there are infinite ways to add value. Find which suit you best and make the most of them.

Compa won’t be a small company for long.

What results we expect

Sales activity increases (and proves effective)

Sales is a mix of effort, relevance, and persuasiveness. How many customers respond (and their level of engagement) provides the clearest measure of your ability.

  • Messaging and cadence improves
  • Emails, tasks, calls, and meetings in HubSpot rise
  • Demos become more compelling, qualification becomes more helpful

Enterprise deals close

  • Large, innovative customers with big, complicated problems
  • 5-figure deals this year and several 6-figure ARR contracts next year
  • Customer champions (willingly and excitedly) provide case studies and references

Projects get a boost and find finish lines

While we help you develop and learn, you help us execute and scale. Your individual effort allows everyone else to go bigger and faster.

  • Docs, sheets, and HubSpot get updated, created, and organized without others asking
  • Partnership and customer initiatives improve, become less burdensome
  • Answers, ideas, and solutions all increase

This position serves as an incredible and unique opportunity. You will work side by side with the leadership team to develop foundational customers, partners, and sales assets that will carry Compa through its most impactful and rewarding growth stages.

OTE for this role ranges between $180K - $210K pending experience and breaks down to 50 percent base salary and 50 percent commission. Average deal size equals $50K ARR and fully ramped quota will be between $700K - $900K.

We appreciate you giving us a look and hope to create something special together!

This job is no longer accepting applications

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